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Oops, I totally forgot I hadn't made this /o\
So sorry !

I figure there isn't much point in writing a whole post at this late date but here are just a couple remarks just in case it can help :

- Star Wars + Rogue One: I'd really love a vid about Bodhi and Finn, courageous defectors and Rebels <3 Something about Leia and Luke and their complicated family would be great as well, as well as anything about the Rogue One Crew. I bet a vid about the droids would be a lot of fun !
Basically just... NO Reylo, NO Kylux, pretty please. And I've only seen the movies and a couple episodes of Clone Wars so maybe don't focus on the cartoons, but don't let that stop you if you want to include some cartoon footage alongside the movies.

- Stargate Atlantis : I watched it only recently, and I really love Teyla so something about her would be lovely. A tribute to poor Aiden would be great too, or a team vid.

Now I'm trying to remember what other fandoms I ended up requesting and I think there was :

- Star Trek Reboot : I love everyone on this spaceship, but particularly something about Uhura would be nice ! And Jaylah ! She's such a badass. Something funny about McCoy and how he's so done about space would also be cool.

- Voltron: Legendary Defender

- Treasure Planet

Song-wise, you can't go wrong with pop, and favorites include Imagine Dragons, the Killers, and Marina and the Diamonds, but I like all sorts of music and I like to discover new songs via vidding, so I'm sure I'll like whatever you choose !

Gosh this is a mess, I should have done this right away. Sorry again.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing your vid ! Thank you so much for making it <3
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