niyalune: (allison)
niyalune ([personal profile] niyalune) wrote2013-06-05 04:06 pm

Fanvid : Escape the Day (Werewolf!Allison)

Fandom : Teen Wolf
Song : Bones by MS MR (Instrumental Edit)
Summary : "Ever wonder what happens if you get bitten?"
Characters : Allison Argent; (Scott/Allison)
Download : here (.mp4, 24 MB)

x-post to : tumblrAO3

A/N : I started this ages ago, after rewatching that scene where Chris kidnaps Allison in 2x03. Allison becoming a werewolf just felt like a great plot for a "what if", but I had never done an AU vid before, nor a Teen Wolf vid, so that was quite a challenge. It's not perfect, despite my betas' advice, but I just can't stand to have it in my drafts anymore, so here it is.

Many thanks to [personal profile] ghost_lingering and [personal profile] cupidsbow for betaing for me, the help was very much appreciated.

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