Oct. 25th, 2016

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Hello ! Thank you so much for making me a vid :D I can't wait to watch it. Regarding the music : I'm not really picky, and anyway, I like to trust the vidder's choice. Sorry, that's not really helpful! I'm sure I'll like whatever you come up with.

Borrowing from my previous letters : on the technical side of things, I love vids that pay attention to movement and beat work, and find parallels/contrasts interesting. Effects (flashes, colors, etc.) are okay, but I prefer when they're used sparingly - I feel like they tend to detract from the substance of the vid otherwise. I tend to gravitate towards happy/uplifting vids, but if you want to go for melancholy, angsty or critical of the source that's all good as well ! I always have a soft spot for the ladies, and their relationships (femslash or friendship, both are great).

Ghostbusters (2016) [Movie]
This movie was a delight - I love all the characters, so feel free to do what you want. 

The Great British Bake Off [TV]

This is the first year I've watched GBBO (actually because of last year's festivids) - and it was a much needed ray of sunshine for me these last few weeks. I love the contestants, I love Mel and Sue, I love all the ridiculous stuff they cook. Anything will be fine :)

The Jungle Book (2016) [Movie]

I watched this movie kind of out of nostalgia (I liked the animated movie as a kid), and I was pleasantly surprised by it ! It has found families, an adorable kid, lots of great characters. And it's pretty too.

Luke Cage (2016) [TV]
Mmmmmh, something about Luke and Pop maybe ? Or Misty, or Claire, who are both badass and lovely - I like them by themselves, together (femslash ftw!), and their interactions with Luke are great too, so you can't go wrong. Shades and Mariah were fun, too. An ensemble vid would of course be amazing as well! I'd rather not get a Diamondback-centric vid, as I didn't find him very interesting. Cottonmouth either, although I found him somewhat more compelling.

Oceans's Eleven series (2001) [Movie]

I like heists and how fun these movies were, so I'd love something action-y.

One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961) [Movie]

I'll admit I haven't watched this in ages! Mostly I picked it out of nostalgia, haha. And it has DOGS, what more reason do you need ;) Focus on the puppies would be lovely, but I'm sure you could do an hilarious Cruella De Vil vid as well.

Pokémon GO [Game]
I'd love to see what kind of vid someone could do with that! I bet it could be pretty funny and/or heartwarming.The chase, the rare pokemon, the cute ones, the frustration at all the glitches and bugs... And all the freaking walking.

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