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Spring Equinox 2017 : cats IN SPACE! (multifandom)

Fandoms: see list below for sources
Music: Ev'rybody Wants to Be A Cat by Charles Perry
Prompt : "Cats in space. Cats! In space! Star Trek: TNG, Alien, Futurama, Doctor Who ... I'm sure there are others? Cats in space."

Featuring : pet cats, alien cats, evil cats, sexy cats, internet cats, a couple of lions, two litters of kitties, and one actual, real life space cat.

This is a gift for [personal profile] trelkez, whose request was too much fun not to fill, even though I've only watched, like, half the sources I used. Turns out there's a decent amount of space cats out there, a lot of whom are ginger. 

I've had a great time making this and I'm delighted that people seemed to enjoy the abundance of cats as well :D
I figured I had seen quite a few vids about dogs and that cats deserved their share of vid-love too.

Also I'd like to thank the internet at large for all the helpful lists of cats in different media - truly a godsend.

This signed version has a few slight differences from the anonymous one (I added a couple of clips for better flow).

Download: here (55 MB, .wmv)

AO3 / Tumblr

doctor who, 3x03 - gridlock
futurama, 6x08 - that darn katz!
men in black (1997)
nyan cat
sept jours du monde - félicette, 1ère chatte astronaute
space cats - magic fly by enjoyker
star trek : generations
star trek : tas, 1x09 - once upon a planet
star trek : tng, 4x11 - data's day
star trek : tos, 2x26 - assignment : earth
stargate sg1, 3x15 - pretense
steven universe, 2x27 - it could have been great
treasure planet (2002)

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