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So here's my second fanwork for Femslash February. I wanted to post it earlier and I originally had planned to color it, but time got away from me.
I really can't wait Doctor Who to come back; I'm so excited to see the two of them again.

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 Well, look at that ! I'm posting again !

This is probably because I'm on holiday, and my creative side is showing itself again (\o/). The fact that I loved The Snowmen doesn't hurt either. I'm so glad to see Vastra and Jenny again, and Clara was wonderful too.

I'm not totally satisfied about this doodle, because I wanted it to be more finished, but I did a cleaner version and I don't like it at all, so... Don't hesitate to tell me what you think !

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A while ago I saw this awesome banana art. And then I just had to make some myself.

It was very fun; I may have to try again sometime ! If anyone wants to try, you just have to bruise the banana with a toothpick or something similar.

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After watching A Good Man Goes To War, I just wanted to draw this scene. River's dress was too pretty not to draw ^^ and I would love to actually see Eleven ice skating.
By the way, I don't know how I'm supposed to wait for the second half of the series now ! I just can't wait.

River and the Doctor at the last Frost Fair for her birthday.  )

You can also see this picture here on my deviantart

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