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[28] Avengers, various

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A while ago I saw this awesome banana art. And then I just had to make some myself.

It was very fun; I may have to try again sometime ! If anyone wants to try, you just have to bruise the banana with a toothpick or something similar.

Are you my mummy ? )

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May. 4th, 2012 01:57 pm
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I caved in and made myself an tumblr account : there it is !

I'm not going to stop posting my stuff here, though, but I had enough tumblr blogs bookmarked that being able to follow them properly seemed like a good idea.
Also, reblogging is pretty neat. 

It's lacking some key functionalites, though. How do you comment anyway ?
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I'm practically speechless, I just can't believe it !

Thank you SO MUCH ! Everyone who voted for me, you are the best :D ! I'm very touched that people thought my vid is worthy of recognition.
Speaking of which, even if the voting is done , don't hesitate to check out all these other outstanding works at [ profile] dr_river_awards if you haven't already. 


While I'm on the subject of vidding : I'm going to buy Vegas Movie Studio 11 soon so I don't have to rely on trial versions like I did for my first vids. I'm really excited : shiny new software FTW, yay !
Regretfully, though, I have to study for my exams in January, so I probably won't have time to vid anything before early February... Why, RL, why ?
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Fandom : Doctor Who (2005)
Song : A Great Big Sled by The Killers
Summary : The Doctor and his Christmas shenanigans
Characters : Nine, Ten, Eleven, assorted companions.
Download : here (.mp4, 21 MB)
Warning : A couple of SPOILERS for the trailer of "The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe", although they're rather minor in my opinion.  

A/N : I know I'm a bit early, but this is my way of contributing to the Christmas cheer, and wishing happy holidays to the fandom. This vid is a bit short, but sadly I really don't have time to do more. Enjoy !

I wanna wish you Merry Christmas )
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My nominated pieces are my vid The World is Not Enough and my drawing River's birthday, 1814.
To anyone who has nominated me, thank you so much :D !!!

You can get more information about the awards at [ profile] dr_river_awards

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Fandom : Doctor Who (2005)
Song : Intro by t.A.T.u
Summary : They lead a complicated, mad, wonderful life, and they love each other through it all.
Characters : Amy, Eleven, Rory
Download : here (.mp4, 33 MB)

A/N : Concrit is always appreciated ! My inspiration for this came from this vid : Glósóli, which you should go watch if you haven't already, because it's gorgeous.
A/N 2 : I've made my previous vids available for download, if you're interested.

A life in the stars ).

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Fandom : Doctor Who (2005)
Song : The World is Not Enough by Garbage
Summary : "And if you're strong enough, together we can take the world apart, my love...". River and the Doctor's relationship, across time and space.
Characters : River, Eleven, ( + Ten, Mels).
Download : here (.mp4, 207 MB) or here (.avi, 36 MB)

A/N : The idea for this vid comes from [ profile] elisi, who was also kind enough to beta it for me <3. Concrit is always welcome; I'm still new to vidding and trying to improve myself ! Footage up to 6x13.

ETA : This vid won Best Romance Music Video at the Doctor/River Fan Awards 2011
([ profile] dr_river_awards). Many thanks to everyone who voted for me !
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Fandom : Doctor Who (2005)
Song : Shock & Horror by Turn Left (a Trock band)
Summary : "If you're afraid of the dark..."
Characters : Lots of monsters and other creepy things. Nine, Ten, Eleven, companions
Download : here (.mp4, 137 MB) or here (.avi, 24 MB)

A/N : If you like it, please leave a comment ! Footage from all series up to 6x09. Trock is Time Lord Rock  = music about Doctor Who. You can find the album there :  .

Don't blink, don't look under the bed )

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Fandom : Doctor Who (2005)
Song : Galaxies by Owl City
Summary : A tribute to the awesomeness of the Doctor and his friends.
Characters : Nine, Ten, Eleven, Rose, Mickey, Jack, Sarah Jane, Martha, Donna, River, Amy, Rory, the Tardis, and the Universe
Download : here (.mp4, 176 MB) or here (.avi, 32 MB)

A/N : Footage from all series up to 6x04. This is my first vid ever, so I'll gladly accept any constructive criticism you might have ! Enjoy.

He is the saving grace of the galaxies )

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[9] Doctor Who     
- [4] fanart by [ profile] jigglykat : Together They Fight Crime    
- [5] A Good Man Goes to War

[13] Darren Criss       
- [11 from this GQ slideshow      
- [2] from Katy Perry's Last Friday Night video

Please comment when taking, and credit to [ profile] niyalune. Do not use textless icons as bases.

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After watching A Good Man Goes To War, I just wanted to draw this scene. River's dress was too pretty not to draw ^^ and I would love to actually see Eleven ice skating.
By the way, I don't know how I'm supposed to wait for the second half of the series now ! I just can't wait.

River and the Doctor at the last Frost Fair for her birthday.  )

You can also see this picture here on my deviantart

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[13] Starship  
    - [12] with text 
    - [1] fanart, by me

[11] Doctor Who 
    - [2] DW Confidential 
    - [9] The Imaginary Friend, comic by [ profile] psychofish (read it here) [9]

Please comment when taking, and credit to [ profile] niyalune. Do not use textless icons as bases.
This is my first icon batch ever, so it's not very elaborate. Still, I'm pretty happy about it. Tell me what you think !

Preview :

24 icons under the cut )

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I watched Starship on Youtube when it came out... It was brillant ! Funny, nerdy, original, with lots of catchy songs. Team Starkid is still brilliant !
And so here's a picture of Roach ! He's such an adorable little bug  ^^
Roach )

It's also here on my deviant art

Also, for completeness's sake, here an AVPM drawing I made a while ago :

Harry and Ginny... in Winnipeg )

You can also see it on my deviant art

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De l'inspiration - enfin ! N'est-il pas mignon, ce jeune Arthur ? J'ai eu l'idée de dessiner ça quand je regardait l'épisode 3x11, où Uther disait à Arthur : "J'ai suivi tes progrès avec l'épee depuis que tu étais un enfant. Je connais tes capacités mieux que quiconque."


At last, inspiration strikes again ! Isn't little Arthur cute ? I had the idea for this pic while watching 3x11 - The Sorcerer's Shadow :

Uther : I have followed your progress with a sword since you were a boy. I know your abilities better than anyone.

Picture under the cut... )

crossposted to my deviantart and [ profile] merlin_tv 
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Voici le deuxième fanart GO que j'avais en stock. Je l'aime moins que l'autre, mais je n'en suis pas mécontente non plus.
J'ai utilisé Photoshop par dessus un brouillon dessiné en classe (je sais que c'est mal ^^)

(cliquez dessus pour mieux voir)


Here's the 2nd GO drawing I've done. I like it less than the other one, but I'm not unhappy about it.
I used Photoshop to redraw a doodle done during class.

(click on it to see it bigger)

Crawly tempts Eve...

crossposted to my deviantart, [ profile] me_li_me_lo , and [ profile] lower_tadfield 
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Voici ma tentative de dessiner Aziraphale et Crowley. Je suis plutôt contente, ce dessin donne mieux que sa version que j'avais faite sur papier. 
Cliquer sur les images pour les voir en plus grand/de plus près 
Here's my  attempt at Good Omens fanart. I'm rather pleased at how it turned out, it's better than the one I had drawn on paper.
Click on the pics to see them bigger.

Technique : Photoshop

 crossposted to my deviantart and [ profile] lower_tadfield 

Aziraphale & Crowley

Et voila un close-up d'Aziraphale, parce que je trouve qu'il donne bien de près (cliquez dessus).

And here's a close-up of Aziraphale, because I think the picture looks good when it's bigger (click on it)

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J'ai décidé de commencer à participer dans les fandoms anglophones, et j'ai commencé par Good Omens avec [ profile] lower_tadfield 
Par conséquent, ce journal devient bilingue. Ca me fera un bon entraînement !


I decided to become more involved in English-speaking fandoms, like Good Omens (I've just joined [ profile] lower_tadfield ), and so from now on I'm writing this LJ in English too. It will be good training for me !

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