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Fandom : Doctor Who (2005)
Song : The State of Dreaming by Marina and the Diamonds
Summary : i've been living in the state of dreaming // living in a make believe land
Characters : Clara, Oswin, Eleven
Download : here (.mp4, 115 MB)

A/N : Many thanks to [personal profile] such_heights for the beta ! I'm pretty glad to have finished a vid at last (it had been too long...) even though it's because I'm procrastinating. Also, I discovered the song thanks to this fanmix about Clara Oswald.
Concrit is always welcome.
You can watch in 720p.

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my life is a play )
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 Fandom : Doctor Who (2005)
Song: Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men
Summary : 'cause though the truth may vary // this ship will carry // our bodies safe to shore
Characters : Amy, Eleven, (River, the TARDIS, Rory)
Download : here (.mp4, 48 MB)

A/N : Well, it's been a while ! I got stuck with this one for a bit, but I finally managed to finish it. Many thanks to [personal profile] such_heights for the beta !

hold my hand, i'll walk with you my dear )
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Fandom : Doctor Who (2005)
Song : A Great Big Sled by The Killers
Summary : The Doctor and his Christmas shenanigans
Characters : Nine, Ten, Eleven, assorted companions.
Download : here (.mp4, 21 MB)
Warning : A couple of SPOILERS for the trailer of "The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe", although they're rather minor in my opinion.  

A/N : I know I'm a bit early, but this is my way of contributing to the Christmas cheer, and wishing happy holidays to the fandom. This vid is a bit short, but sadly I really don't have time to do more. Enjoy !

I wanna wish you Merry Christmas )
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Fandom : Doctor Who (2005)
Song : Intro by t.A.T.u
Summary : They lead a complicated, mad, wonderful life, and they love each other through it all.
Characters : Amy, Eleven, Rory
Download : here (.mp4, 33 MB)

A/N : Concrit is always appreciated ! My inspiration for this came from this vid : Glósóli, which you should go watch if you haven't already, because it's gorgeous.
A/N 2 : I've made my previous vids available for download, if you're interested.

A life in the stars ).

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Fandom : Doctor Who (2005)
Song : The World is Not Enough by Garbage
Summary : "And if you're strong enough, together we can take the world apart, my love...". River and the Doctor's relationship, across time and space.
Characters : River, Eleven, ( + Ten, Mels).
Download : here (.mp4, 207 MB) or here (.avi, 36 MB)

A/N : The idea for this vid comes from [ profile] elisi, who was also kind enough to beta it for me <3. Concrit is always welcome; I'm still new to vidding and trying to improve myself ! Footage up to 6x13.

ETA : This vid won Best Romance Music Video at the Doctor/River Fan Awards 2011
([ profile] dr_river_awards). Many thanks to everyone who voted for me !
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Fandom : Doctor Who (2005)
Song : Shock & Horror by Turn Left (a Trock band)
Summary : "If you're afraid of the dark..."
Characters : Lots of monsters and other creepy things. Nine, Ten, Eleven, companions
Download : here (.mp4, 137 MB) or here (.avi, 24 MB)

A/N : If you like it, please leave a comment ! Footage from all series up to 6x09. Trock is Time Lord Rock  = music about Doctor Who. You can find the album there :  .

Don't blink, don't look under the bed )

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Fandom : Doctor Who (2005)
Song : Galaxies by Owl City
Summary : A tribute to the awesomeness of the Doctor and his friends.
Characters : Nine, Ten, Eleven, Rose, Mickey, Jack, Sarah Jane, Martha, Donna, River, Amy, Rory, the Tardis, and the Universe
Download : here (.mp4, 176 MB) or here (.avi, 32 MB)

A/N : Footage from all series up to 6x04. This is my first vid ever, so I'll gladly accept any constructive criticism you might have ! Enjoy.

He is the saving grace of the galaxies )

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