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Hi ! Thank you for making me a vid ! I'm terribly sorry this wasn't up on time.

First of all, you might have noticed this is all terribly space-themed, I hope you can work with that - at first I just had Dark Matter, Jupiter Ascending and the Martian, and then I just decided to commit to the theme :P

While I'm on the subject, I keep thinking that a multifandom for The Martian, Apollo 13, and Europa Report would be awesome ? (with maybe a dash of Gravity too? although it's not in my requests or in the nominated fandoms). Anyway, I feel like there's a lot of interesting parallels (space exploration, of course, and the joys and dangers thereof, fixing things with SCIENCE, media / public attention, how humans are tiny in this universe but go out there anyway...) and honestly if nobody makes this vid I just might.

But that's just an idea, and I would be delighted by a vid of any of these on their own. Make what you feel like making and I'll be delighted to see it :)
Re: music, I'm not particularly picky, but to be honest particularly slow songs and rap are a harder sell. But feel free to chose whatever song feels right to you ! I love discovering new songs through vids.
Technically speaking, I love vids that pay attention to movement and beat work, and find parallels/contrasts interesting. Mood-wise, happy/uplifting vids are always something I love, but if you want to go for melancholy, angsty or critical of the source that's all good as well ! 


This is such a happy show - I love the characters, I love the songs, it's hilarious. Honestly I don't thing you can go wrong. Sid and Isabella are my favorites but anything would be delightful.

Jupiter Ascending

My cheesy space movie of the year ! I ended up shipping Caine and Jupiter (I was surprised), and I just love the gorgeous scenery and the epic over-the-top-ness of it all. I would love to see an ensemble vid, but I'd be also delighted by a Caine/Jupiter vid, or a Diomika Tsing vid (although I'm not sure there's enough footage, so maybe a ladies-centric vid), and I'm sure glorious things could be done with all the villainy melodrama of the Abrasax siblings.

The Martian

And... my funny/epic space movie of the year.  I was just delighted by this movie (and the Ares live youtube videos), and I liked the book as well. Science + space + humor was pretty much the perfect recipe. You can go serious, you can go funny, you can go disco,... Whether you want to focus on Mark, or the crew, or the NASA people, or everyone at once, I'll love it !

Treasure Planet

I really liked this movie as a kid, and I've rewatched it relatively recently, so it just popped up in my mind when I was looking one more space related fandom to my list. The story is engaging, the animation is great, and I love the streampunk atmosphere - there's plenty there to make a fun, adventure filled fanvid ;)

Europa Report
Yet another space movie, although this one is way more serious, mood-wise. But I like it for the sense of humanity exploring, pushing the boundaries, going far for discovery and science, despite the danger.

Apollo 13

A classic, and an oldie. Honestly I loved that movie because even if I knew how it ends, I was on the edge of my screen anyway. Engineers, pilots, winging it, fixing things and getting to go home ! I really love it. I'm just sad that the women have to stay home and worry themselves sick (maybe that would make a good angsty vid, huh.)

Dark Matter
Such an engaging show ! My favorite is probably Two, the leader, she's so competent, an intelligent badass who wants to protect her crew and tries to do the right thing. I would love a Two-centric vid tbh. And she has such great relationships with Five and the Android, so I would love to see that too. Speaking of which Five and the Android are both total darlings in their own way and I love them as well. And Four and Six both have compelling backstories and arcs, which would make interesting vids I believe, so really anyone would be great. Except One, sorry, he just grates on my nerves a bit. Except if it's an ensemble context, in which case feel free to include everyone.

Date: 2015-11-05 11:41 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] violace
Yaaaaaaaay I'm happy you're doing festivids again this year!!

Date: 2016-01-31 01:51 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] bironic
Thank you for describing your multi-source space program-era and near-future space travel movie vid idea because the parallels you draw among them are astute and among my favorites and I just watched the fill for it and it's so beautiful. ♥

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